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Cusabo Island House
Cusabo Island, South Carolina
On a private island at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina sits a steel fortress high above the island flood plain ready to withstand rising sea levels, hurricane force winds and seasonal brush fires. This 3,888 square foot remote coastal home is equipped with break away components engineered to exceed FEMA flood zone code requirements. Helical foundations along with steel structure, and steel exterior wall and roof panels allow for extreme 140mph wind loading capabilities and superior fire resistance. Completely off the grid, these homeowners do not have the luxury of local emergency crews.

Built in a beautiful and remote setting in South Carolina, this steel home was designed to withstand hostile weather in an extreme environment. Our proven steel building system can achieve durability and safety, limit environmental impacts, while maintaining your design vision.

What code requirements are you working to meet right now?

EcoSteel continues to work hand in hand with Architects, General Contractors, and Owners to build sustainable, efficient, high end, and emergency zone capable structures.

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Steel withstands extreme winds, rain, floods and wild fires
Completely off-grid with no local emergency crews
Green living environment with healthy indoor air quality
3,900 sq. ft. "Island Cabin" with over 5,000 sq. ft. of exterior living space
All steel construction
Architect: Carter Woollen