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Steel Homes Kit

February 16, 2010

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What Comes With A Steel Homes Kit?

A steel homes kit is a terrific way to build your new home, and this construction method includes many benefits that are very attractive to home owners. One of the most well known and trusted companies when it comes to a quality steel homes kit is EcoSteel, and when you buy a home from this company you get top quality materials, and much more. You will get design assistance, expert professional project management, all of the steel framing materials needed, and the structured insulated roof and wall panels needed to construct your new home. A steel homes kit offers a gorgeous new home for less, and with a building time that is much shorter than traditional methods. These are just a few of the many benefits you will see.

Steel Framing Materials  

Steel Homes KitYour steel homes kit will include all of the steel framing materials needed to construct the frame of your new home. You will get construction documents and instructions which are very easy to follow for the assembly and construction of the frame. The framing materials included in an EcoSteel steel homes kit is all inclusive, which means you will get everything you need. From the essential primary beams which are load bearing through the studs for the interior walls, you will get everything needed. Even the nuts, bolts, screws, and other hardware required for assembly is included in the steel homes kit when you choose EcoSteel.

Steel Insulated Panels 

Steel Homes KitYour steel homes kit from EcoSteel also includes all of the insulated panels you will need to complete the walls and roof of your home, and these panels are already insulated, finished and weatherproofed so assembly is fast and easy once the panels are delivered to the site. When you choose EcoSteel for your steel homes kit you will get everything you need, so that all you have to arrange is the labor and subcontractor to actually assemble your new home.

Steel Homes Kit: Design Assistance and Project Management 

Steel Homes KitThe steel homes kit offered by EcoSteel include a virtual build of your new home, before construction even starts. This will show up any possible flaws or mistakes in the design, and these can translate into expensive errors once the construction starts. Once your design has been through the virtual build process and there are no problems, a steel homes kit will be designed for your specific building needs. You will also get professional project management, with a project manager who is assigned to your new home to ensure that everything goes smoothly and occurs according to the set schedule you were given.